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Restorative Justice is a non-traditional victim-based approach to justice. 

While traditional justice asks three questions: 1. Who did it? 2. What laws were broken? 3. What punishment should be provided?

Restorative Justice asks three different set of questions: 1. Who has been harmed? 2. What harm has been done? 3. What does the victim need from the offender to repair the harm?

The RJ process allows the victim opportunity to take part in the justice process and address what he/she needs to repair the harm inflicted by the offender. This process also allows the offender to experience a learning opportunity and take responsibility of how his/her crime has impacted the victim and the community at-large. The three "R"s that are valued in the RJ process are: Respect, Relationship, and Responsibility.

We offer Restorative Justice Services to disputing parties within the court system and through private environments.  All RJ cases are screened for suitability.