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Mediators are non-biased and professionally trained individuals who assist opposing parties with resolving their disputes peaceably.  The function of the mediator is to help draw up a written agreement that becomes legally binding in a court of law once it is signed by the referring judge. 

reSOLUTIONS, inc. serves Page, Warren and Shenandoah counties in General District court and in Shenandoah County in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations court, as well.  Cases are referred to reSOLUTIONS, inc. through the Office of the Clerk in the J&DR courts. 

If you need to reach the clerk's office in Shenandoah county, call 540.459.6135.

All courts require that each disputing party be screened prior to any mediation.  Shenandoah county Juvenile and Domestic Relations court hosts orientation and screenings on the third Tuesdays of each month (all state holidays are observed) at 9:00 am for parties involved in custody, visitation and support orders.

Click the link for more information: http://www.courts.state.va.us/courtadmin/aoc/djs/programs/drs/mediation/home.html