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The mission of reSOLUTIONS, inc. is to establish safe environments for family and community members to come to the table, and receive support and the necessary tools for improved relations.                           

reSOLUTIONS, inc. was founded as a non-profit organization in 1994 under the name Apple Valley Mediation Network, Inc..  Our administrative office is located in Woodstock, Virginia and operates as the coordinator of mediation and reconciliation services throughout the Shenandoah Valley.

reSOLUTIONS, inc. offers court-ordered mediation services in Page, Shenandoah, and Warren counties and private mediations throughout the Commonwealth.  Our mediators are trained and certified through the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Disputing parties involved with court petitions are required to participate in a Co-Parenting Class, which reSOLUTIONS, inc. offers at various times.

In September 2004, we began providing Restorative Justice Conferencing which seeks to prepare the harm that results from crime by allowing the victim to address personal needs and the offender to take responsibility for the harm. 

reSOLUTIONS, inc. seeks to resolve conflict for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations; and to promote justice  in a cost-effective and quality-driven process.

reSOLUTIONS, inc. is an active member of the Virginia Centers for Conflict Resolutions (VACCR):